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Arambagh Girls' College

Arambagh Girls´ College, though formally established in 1995, had its genesis much earlier in the dreams of a handful of local visionaries committed to the cause of women´s education. It was a challenging task to establish a college catering solely to women learners in a semi-urban sub- divisional town with a predominantly agriculture-based economy, where educating girls was not a priority.

However, the visionary founder-fathers of the college, in relentless commitment to their noble cause, set up an Organizing Committee with Hon´ble former MP Mr. Anil Basu as its President, local industrialist and philanthropist Mr. Balai Krishna Roy and former freedom fighter and MLA Mr. Binod Das as its Vice Presidents, leading Arambagh-based lawyer Mr. Biswanath Pal as its Secretary and Prof. Sailen Sarkar as its Treasurer. While Mr. Balai Krishna Roy donated land for establishing the college, Mr. Bijoy Modak, former freedom fighter and MP, facilitated the process of turning the dream into a reality. Financial contributions by a number of local residents of Arambagh, especially those by Mr. S. A. Gaffar and Dr. Prasanta Saha, went a long way in making the dream a reality. On 17 February 1989 the current Hon´ble Finance Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Ashim Dasgupta, laid the foundation-stone of the college.

The college has set out on a mission headed by it's inspiring principal Syed Sajidul Islam to make the school children in their community aware of Child Abuse prevention through the "MY BODY IS MY BODY PROGRAMME"

The students have been doing a wonderful job and are currently writing papers on their experience and their understanding of the programme.

Please have a look through the animated .gif's to see all the hard work everyone has been doing to create this awareness programme.

Thank you all so much for making this a

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We would like to congratulate Syed Sajidul Islam who is the principal of the college on being nominated as our AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH. We have also nominated the students of the college for doing a fantastic job of raising awareness of Child Abuse Prevention.
Through Syed Sajidul Islam's  1190 students they have campaigned in 5 school district where a vast majority of people and schools are now well aware of the My Body is My Body programme.

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My Body is My Body Presentation at

My Body is My Body Presentation at :

My Body is My Body Presentation at :