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Thank you for joining our Initiative: 

Every year over 1 billion children are
subject to violence and abuse.
As GGA’s we can make a major impact and change lives!

What we would like is  for each GGA, to do is​ as many things
as you would like to from the following list

1) Please share our My body is My Body programme with 10 of your friends
(this will help usreach 1,000000 people)
especially parents, teachers, nursery school teachers, social workers


2) Share the MBIMB programme on your Social Media
Our website is

Please use the following hashtags 


3) Find out your local child abuse prevention emergency number and share
it in community areas


4) Share the programme with your family


5) Take our 2 Free Courses

Course 1 : Introduction to Child Maltreatment.  

Course 2 : How to teach the My Body Is My Body Prevention Program


We have to take a positive approach to child abuse prevention -
as we know we can make a difference

Thank you all so much !!

Available Languages

Parents Introduction To Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
MBIMB Full Animated Programme Video with Songs
Worldwide Statistics on Child Abuse
Video Introduction to MBIMB Program
Available Languages
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GGA Global Core Initiative.png
Thank you so much for helping with this mission

Richard DiPilla, Lisa Jones & Chrissy Sykes