I'm Standing Up Campign 2021

This month of February 2021, we are standing up to Child Abuse. According to the WHO there are over 1 billion children that are abused every year, and that was before the advent of Covid-19 - we know that statistics have increased greatly during this period. We would like your help to make people aware that there is so much we can do to stop this, things we can do to help parents and educate children.

Child maltreatment causes suffering to children and families and can have long-term consequences. Maltreatment causes stress that is associated with disruption in early brain development. Extreme stress can impair the development of the nervous and immune systems. Consequently, as adults, maltreated children are at increased risk for behavioural, physical and mental health problems.

So lets get involved and make a difference.

We will be doing differnt activities this month - so if you would like to be involved please join our mailing list (on the front page)

Please download our Badges (below) and use them on your Social Media - it is important for people to know that we are standing up against child abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, child marraige, 
child labour and exploitation.


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Positive Parenting -
Funny Faces

Here is an idea of how parents can spend one-on-one time with their baby or toddler.


Playing together helps children's development, builds a bond, and can be fun for everyone.

Positive Parenting -
The Sun Is Coming

Babies also need loving touch!

It is important for their brain development and builds trust. Try this sensory game after washing them or changing their diaper.

So we thought to have some fun we would have a funny face competition. The winners will be shared in the GGA Foundation Magazine and the My Body is My Body Newsletter. Let's spread a little joy......

What kind of funny face would you share with your baby?
or you can also send any funny faces that your baby makes.

Here are a few faces to get you going !!

Share your funny faces with us on our Facebook Group
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Or email your image using this link

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On My Body is My Body we offer a Free Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Our international child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

Our goal is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

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