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Love Is Gentle - Song Tutorial

The My Body is My Body Programme is designed for children from 3 - 8 years olds.

How to use this programme:

Keep it fun -
The songs are fun, positive animations, introduced by a character called
Cynthie, this should help you to keep the message simple. Sing along, do hand movements or dance, anything to make the message memorable.

Keep it simple -
Young children do not need to know any in depth details of abuse just give them simple rules:
1. Nobody should be hurting you
2. Nobody should be touching your private parts
3. Nobody should take photos of your private parts
4. If you have a problem tell somebody
5. Don’t keep secrets if someone is hurting you
6. Tell someone if you are being bullied

Keep it positive -
The main objective is to empower children so they feel positive about their bodies and safe in the knowledge that they have someone to talk to if there is a problem.

Anchor 1

Cynthie’s text from the video
Let’s talk about love, it’s very important to be loved and people don’t show their love to you by hurting you or doing things that make you feel uncomfortable. People show that they love you by doing things with you like reading books, playing games, having fun, going for walks or maybe showing you how to ride your bicycle.
Love is all about sharing and caring for each other. Our parents and carers make sure we are looked after, they feed us, make sure we clean our teeth, and that we have clean clothes to wear and if we are sick they take us to the doctor. It’s very important that we are looked after well so we can grow up healthy, happy and strong.

Song 5
Love Is Gentle

Song Objectives

To teach children that love is gentle and kind and is all about caring, sharing and trusting

Children come from many different types of families and backgrounds but the rules of love should all be the same.

Children should be loved gently
They should be cared for and looked after
Have enough food to eat
Have clean clothes
Someone to make sure their teeth are clean and they have been bathed
That their hair is brushed
Someone is there to help with problems
Someone to pay attention to them
Someone to read to them
Someone to make them happy when they are sad

It is a good idea to talk about this subject with all children. If they see one of their friends or classmates who is not being looked after, they will know to go and tell a teacher or parent, so that child can be helped.

You can learn so many things about children by just opening a safe avenue of communication, where the child feels they can talk to you about any problem no matter how small.

Love Is Gentle  - Song Lyrics

Love is gentle
Love is kind
Sing along and you will find
There’s so many nice things we can do
To show our love

Won’t you read me a story
Or let’s go out and play some ball
You could help me ride my bike
So I won’t fall

There are so many things
We can do together
There are so many ways
We can show we care
There are so many times we can tell each other I love you
If you’ve got some time to share
I’d like to share with you


Love is gentle
Love is kind
Sing along and you will find
It’s so nice to share these things with you

Tutorial 5.png

You might ask the children to draw a picture of something that they like to do with the people that they love. Talk to them about things that make them happy, things they like to do with family members.

Written and Animated by Chrissy Sykes ©1989 Update 2017

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