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The My Body Is My Body Ambassadors are an integral part of our programme, as without Ambassadors children and parents would not know about our important message. Our Ambassadors around the world are growing every day and I thank each and every one of them for the important part they play in making this a Safer World For Children.


Nayeem Mahmud Mithel
Lion Md Iqbal Hossain
Subroto Kumar Sarker
Shafiul Shahin
Dinghy Foundati
Prof Maruf Islam
Georgina Kouti
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Belgacem Tadjin
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Jasmina Siderov
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Siham Al - Jiboury
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Toulmond Chanta
Représentante du aainball en Belgique . Ambassador of Belgium and Morocco for my body is my body.
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Thierry Irambona
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Oageletse Bansan Keatholetswe
Mary Tsholofelo
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Foka Sherifatu
Ambassador for My Body is My Body
Tufoin Mercy
SWO Cameroon
AbleWomen Cameroon
Cameroon Development Foundation
Wved Cameroon
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Alexander Evengroen
Alexander works International Committee for Chinese Orphans Limited
Dates volunteered Aug 2002 – Jun 2005 Volunteer duration 2 yrs 11 mos
Cause Children

Each child deserves a chance in life and all children need a pair of loving hands to nurture them, to guide them and to help them to grow.

Beijing International Committee for Chinese Orphans Limited (BICCO) is a group of volunteers working towards bettering the lives of the Chinese orphans and children with disabilities in China. It was regist
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Alicia Potencia Solero
Lucía Núñez Díaz
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Aleya Khan
Katarina Edwards
Raphael Louis
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Mai Yehia
Volunteer at United Nations and My Body is My Body Programme
Muhannad Hamed
Dr Amira A El-Houfey (Phd)
South Valley Foundation
Dr Soad Hassanm.
Nancy Hadi
Dr Abdelmonem Awad Hegazy
Ahmed Gabr
Amira Kamel
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Angelika Heike Schweer
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Waheed Musah
Noble Wisdom Dordoe
Eastfield Foundation
Give Me Hope Foundation
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Your duties as an Ambassador are to:

Share the programme with:
1) Your Social media

Here are the links to our Website and Social Media:
Please connect with all our social media groups so we can keep you up to date on progress being made and new social media initiatives.

Please click on the name to visit the site

Twitter: (Please follow)

Facebook Group (please join and invite your friends to join our group page)

Youtube: (please subscribe so you will be able to access all of our videos)

Instagram: (Please follow)

We would also like you to share the programme with:

2) Schools and teachers 
3) Nursery Schools and Teachers,
4) Social Workers,
5) Anyone else working with children like sports and after school facilitators,
6) Parents,
7) Community functions such as parents meetings
8) and of course the most important thing is to share the programme with the children in your own family


The My Body is My Body Programme does NOT give Ambassadors permission to Present this programme to children. You will have to gain consent to present the programme through your NGO. Foundation, approved Education Association, or Education Department.

On our website there are testimonials available from
and from teachers 
Please feel free to share these.

We would also like you to:

Learn the programme

2) Watch the programme songs and get to know the benefits and how it helps children to keep safe. There is a teaching document that you can download from the website - currently available in 9 languages. (More will be available this year) Please click here to access the page. 


Develop a speech

3) Develop a 30 second speech that you think would be compelling enough to get someone interested in supporting the program.


4) if you Blog, and you are writing about the subject of Child Abuse Prevention, mention the program and how it can help with preventing Child Abuse in a positive non-threatening way.

Invite a Friend.

5) Next time you are out with friends mention the My Body is My Body Program. By engaging them about the Program, you have multiplied your involvement and impact, we need as many people on the ground as possible.


6) Share with your twitter followers information about My Body is My Body Program’s benefits on helping children, parents, teachers, social workers. Please follow us at and retweet our tweets so we can get the message out.


7) Use your connections on social media to spread the word about this program and the benefits of what it can do to help communities.

8) If you have any friends in the media see if you can get them to write a story about what you are trying to achieve in your community with the programme.

**Ambassador Policy**
Ambassadors must be aware when using social media that it is subject to the full range of laws applying to other communications, including copyright, breach of confidence, defamation, privacy, contempt of court, harassment, vilification and anti-discrimination legislation, and criminal laws. Social media can be the subject of legal proceedings.

My Body Is My Body Programme will accept no liability which arises due to Ambassador’s use (or mis-use) of social media sites. Any views expressed by Ambassadors are their own and ought not to be presented as though they represent the views of My Body is My Body Programme. In all communications Ambassadors must not bring My Body Is My Body Programme into disrepute.


In appointing you as an Ambassador, My Body Is My Body Programme does not enter into a contract,  the Letter of Appointment and the guidelines are there to help the Ambassador feel supported and clearer about their role. The Ambassador is not an Agent of the Organisation. Ambassadors act ‘In aid of’ and not ‘On behalf’ of My Body Is My Body Programme and our obligations to Ambassadors will reflect this fact.


Whatever the level of commitment an Ambassador is able to give we will recognise and value their contribution. In return the Ambassador will be expected to follow the letter and spirit of our policies and procedures and to meet mutually agreed time commitments, or to give notice if this is not possible.


As the Ambassador’s role is primarily as an awareness volunteer, to share information about the programme and share community information about Child Abuse Prevention.
You will not be reimbursed travel or any other expenses incurred.


My Body Is My Body Programme will accept no liability which arises due to an Ambassador’s activities.

As Ambassadors for the My Body Is My Body Programme are from different parts of the world, you agree as Ambassador to uphold all legal requirements for your Country of Residence.

As an Ambassador it is also your duty to report any Child Abuse to your local Authorities, and at all times have the safety of children as your priority.

Together we will make this world 

I am open to any ideas that you may have to get the word out and would like to work with you and help you in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Together we will make this world

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On My Body is My Body we offer a Free Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Our international child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

Our goal is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

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