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The My Body Is My Body Ambassadors are an integral part of our programme, as without Ambassadors children and parents would not know about our important message. Our Ambassadors around the world are growing every day and I thank each and every one of them for the important part they play in making this a Safer World For Children.


Bhawna Arora
KAB Welfare Foundation
Spherule Foundation
 Geeta Bora
Founder Spherule Foundation, Social Entrepreneur, Author-MoonTime, Human Right Activist, Public Speaker & Influencer
Mamta Godiyal
Mavayna Manav
Patricia Dsouza Lobo
Kaishvi Choudhary
Youth Ambassador
Dr. Niti Kapoor
Nishika Tandon
Shilpi Pandey
Reena Singla
Rajesh Agarwal
Monalisa Kar
Dr Gopal Dixit
Dr John Harrison
K-12 Expert, Education Influencer, Transformational Leader. Director Education, Programs & Community Service at YMCA for 23 years from 1993 to 2015. Expert in setting up new schools, Education Leadership, Administration and Governance. Founder Trustee of an International Organisation "Disha Foundation" which works for the welfare of girl child and addresses issues related to female foeticide.
Ambassador-Dr. Muzaffar
Hilal Ahamd Bhatt
Greshma Geeta Bharat Momaya
Dr Seema Negi
Dr Mohammed Masood
Anaya Wagle
Chirag Agarwal
Ashique Ali
 Dr Shilpi Chauhan
CDC Kids
Ritesh Kumar
Satya Prakash
Richa Tandon
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Varada Kulkarni
Sunanda Lahiri Kashyap
Sheen Skaria
Sahil Chopra
Munmun Singh
Pooja Pavithran
Mrunal Raiborde
Latha Maraveni
Harshit Gupta
Dr Rubee Singh
Greshma Geeta Bharat Momaya
Dr Seema Negi
Younush Rana
CENTRE FOR ISLAMIC EDUCATION - ALIF is the one word to comprise ample of opportunities for start learning, thinking broad and begging of education. The concept of ALIF will be a methodology of play school learning to nearby children’s through self half group (SHG) of empowered females. It will be a brand to impact and imagination about babies and their activities. The idea is to create model of world class education, minimize the expenditure and generate the women employments within the capacity
Nasreen Rana
Saravanan Narayanan
My Body is My Body Ambassador - Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) India
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West Bengal

Syed Sajidul Islam
Mimi Das
Prakash Chakraborty
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Dr Sahar Jriesat
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Shahin Gavanji
Jahangir Gavanji
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Siham Al - Jibo
Rajaa Abdullah
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Christine Rayuga
Christine Achieng Rayuga

Christine Achieng Rayuga is a seasoned Senior Level Executive with strong credentials in managing large organizations. Currently, she is a Manager at Russell Academy. She is passionate about humanitarian work, believing that when and where able, she strives to make a difference . In her local Church she leads the Intercessory Ministry. She has 4 children.
Munga Francis
Munga Francis
1st degree connection1st
Munga has a account
Founder & CEO OKoa Life Foundation / Social Safety & Health Care Advocacy /Both My Body is my Body & GAA Ambassadors
Benjamin Musunza.
Robert Njue Namu
Scolastica Wakhungu
Kibe Edwin Gita
Amb David Gabriel
Dianarose Njui
Jolyne Jelimo
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Ameen Alfeqi
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Comfort M Baindah
Financial Secretary at Biological sciences students Association, university of Liberia
Reocomm Foundation
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Team Sparrow
Ghazala Khan
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Wissam Doudar
Co -Founder and Emergency Health Specialist SeraphimGLOBAL works around the globe to prevent women and children from becoming victims of all forms of human trafficking and abuse. Through public awareness and prevention strategies we systematically disrupt trafficking networks. We educate families and communities about the risks and signs of trafficking.and coping skills to parents whose children have been victimized. We train law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to become more effec
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Nandini Tanya Lallmon
Chairperson of the Mauritius Chapter - International Youth Council
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Relationships Manager at UBA Group
Maputo, Cidade de Maputo, Mozambique
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On My Body is My Body we offer a Free Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Our international child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

Our goal is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

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