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The My Body Is My Body Ambassadors are an integral part of our programme, as without Ambassadors children and parents would not know about our important message. Our Ambassadors around the world are growing every day and I thank each and every one of them for the important part they play in making this a Safer World For Children.


Ambassador Certificate - Dr
Ambassador Certificate - Laxmi Adhikari.
Ambassador Certificate - Dr Arun Kumar S
Ambassador Certificate - Sumitra Adhikar
Ambassador Certificate -Narayan Khanal
Ambassador Certificate- Ananda nepali
Shantidip Regmi
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Ambassador Certificate - Emmarencia Van
Ambassador Certificate - Ambassador Cert
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Ambassador of Excellence Certificate - T
Arzoo Anjum
Shoaib Habib Me
Ambassador Cert
Kashef Uddin
Anila Hussain
Hassan Azwar
SFC™,SSYB®,SCDM-F™, GAIQ, GGA, GPA - My Body is My Body Ambassador - National Youth Parliament Pakistan
Zainab Khan
Director Global Goodwill Pakistan - My Body is My Body Ambassador - kpk women youth organization
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Mary Angela D Moore
Sol Ineigo Ramos
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Cynthia Obinwanne
Wheels Of Hope Rising
Davina Care Foundation
Talk Love Foundation
Talklove Africa Foundation is geared towards empowering and meeting the needs of less privileged children, vulnerable women and destitute.
Peniel Mark-Edomwande
Image Talks Africa
Image Talks Africa is a social investment organization promoting growth and development..
SIRP Nigeria
Voice Of The Girl Child
Acalypha Initiative
New Life Network
Amarachi Kene Okafor
Taliat Gafar Ola
Rita Alo
Hope Ambassador
Global Goodwill Ambassador, Philantroprenuer, President/Founder - Hope Ambassadors & Childcare Organization
Okeke Chidi Chinwendu
To provide economic empowerment programmes for unemployed youths and women in Nigeria to acquire the needed skills that will engage them in occupations that would not only enhance those economically but enable the beneficiaries become useful to the society.
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Saudi Arabia

Michael Takundwa
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Areen Aljeaid
Huda Al Haddad
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Michael Takundwa
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Ms Suchi
Kasthuri Gunasegaran
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Blerim Gjeladin
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South Sudan

Deng William Alaak
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Ambassador Certificate- Dr Ruby Bakshi K
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Trinidad & Tobego

Andrew Ramjohn.
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Mlandizi Socio Economic Org
Agness Kahamba
Fatma Fatma Maleta Relief Campaign
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Dr-Mohamed Khlifa
Dr Salima Ben Soltane
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The Gambia

Ameena Ali Phd
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United Arab Emirates

Sonia Majeed
Capt Asim Malik
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Godfrey Kagaayi
Leonard Romanus
Denis Okiru
Okada Tommy
Ilukor Geresom.
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United Kingdom

Gemma Leigh Smith
UK Chair of Global Goodwill Ambassadors and Teacher at Willow Brook Primary School Academy. Ambassador for My Body is My Body Programme
Carol Matsukis.
Ambassador Certificate- Salma Zaman copy
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Ambassador of Excellence Certificate -Ri
Ambassador of Excellence Certificate -Li
Nick Askew
Digital Strategist. Modern Marketer. Co-Founder at Luminary 2, a creative + marketing agency.
Pastor Deborah Schleich
Senior Pastor at Agape Love, Love Is Here Ministry
Maria Paradiso-Testa
Professor of Education, M.S.ED., GGA USA
Ambassador Certificate - Jessica M Corvo
Ambassador Certificate - Dr
Sonia Bansal
We are revolutionizing how schools, educators and parents engage!
Our vision at SoCoWorld is to bring the social and collaborative learning aspect back in our child's life. With increasingly busy lifestyle, our kids are missing on 'our' way of growing up!
Ambassador Certificate-Debra Whitesell
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Pauline Chiripanyanga
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These are our very first Ambassadors 

My Body Is my Body Ambassador

Would you like to be an Ambassador for the My Body is My Body Program?
Please note that the My Body Is My Body Programme is NOT a Charity or an NGO it is just a FREE programme available to communities to help spread awareness about Child Abuse Prevention and show people that through music and simple songs we can teach children to be safer. People can not raise money for this programme or charge for for the videos as everything is freely available on the website and Youtube.

The programme is a successful, positive and fun filled musical "body safety" program. Our program has now been animated so that it can be shared with children in schools, nursery schools and homes around the world.

The programme is FREE to everyone, and the program is currently being translated into several different languages so we can keep children around the world safer.

Everyone that works on this program does so at no charge. We do not have any funding and everything that has been achieved is totally through the kindness and goodwill of people like yourself.

Languages Available
Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin , Dutch, French, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish
Swahili, Swedish, Urdu, Xhosa, Tamil, Turkish

Languages currently working on:
Swedish, Setswana, German, Japanese

" The intellectual property rights of all videos and content provided to you belongs to My Body is My Body and cannot be copied, renamed, reused, translated or sold by anyone without the express written consent of My Body is My Body. If any such incident is brought to the notice of
My Body is My Body such person shall be liable for both civil and criminal action."


I am open to any ideas that you may have to get the word out and would like to work with you and help you in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Together we will make this world

On May 25th 2018 a new Data Protection Law came into force, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By signing this document you agree that you give me permission to keep a record of your personal data i.e name, contact numbers and email address, and also that I am able to contact you by email, phone call, WhattsApp, Text message or messenger. 


The My Body Is My Body Programme will only hold information on our Ambassadors, Committee Members and people interested in helping us with the programme. Information kept will include your email, Facebook connection, Telephone number.

Your information will be stored securely on our computer system and will not be accessed by any other person. If you decide not to be an Ambassador or Committee member or wish to have your information removed from our system, please notify us and we will delete your information.


At no time will your information be shared with any third party.

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On My Body is My Body we offer a Free Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Our international child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

Our goal is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

©2019 by My Body Is My Body - Child Abuse Prevention Programme - South Yorkshire, England and Worldwide