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MBIMB Supporters

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Are you passionate about making a difference in today's world?

Then the My Body is My Body Programme needs you !!

* Share our programme with children in your family

* Share our programme information with people in your community 
  (available in 25 languages)

* Share our programme with teachers in your community

* Offer to translate our programme into more languages

* Offer to sing our programme songs in different languages
  (we already have  songs in 13 Languages)

* Raise awareness of our important issues of child abuse, child labour,
  child marriage, gender violence

* Help-out with our campaigns in any way you can

* If you are a blogger, please blog about our programme

* If you are a translator - please help us translate into more languages

* If you are on Social Media please help us share our message

Everyone can help us make a difference by sharing our message
and songs to keep children safe.
Thank you

Chrissy Sykes

The MBIMB programme is FREE to everyone and you can download, share and distribute any
of the programme information from the website. As a supporter you will also be sent a digital package to download and share in your community
Explore our website for more information

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A MBIMB Supporter