Child Abuse prevention
Keeping Kids Safe
My Body Is My Body

"Preventing Child Abuse"

Are you looking for a way to teach young children about child abuse prevention -

but you don’t know where to start?
Well look no further !!


Our child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

The My Body Is My Body Program will give you a step by step easy way to approach this subject through fun animated songs.

This simple program will give you a way to empower children and help you open the lines of communication
 and it's Free  

Contents of .pdf Download
* About The Program
* About Prevention
* Who Should Present
* Benefits Of The Program

* What You Need
* How To Present
* Songs And Objectives

* Testimonials
* How We Started
* Author Biography

* Available Languages

Bite Size Learning

(3 minutes each)

Signs of Child Abuse

Blog Posts

My Body Is My Body

To teach children that their body is their own and no-one has the right to hurt them or touch their private parts.


If It Don't Feel Right - Don't Do it

To teach children to listen to their own feelings. 
To talk about peer pressure

To help children with body empowerment


The What if Game

To teach children to say NO with authority


If You've Got A Problem

To reinforce the learning of telling someone if there is a problem and if that person doesn't listen keep telling till someone does listen


Love Is Gentle

To teach children that love is gentle and kind  and is all about caring, sharing and trusting

Child abuse happens when someone ( adult or child ) – harms a child. It can be physical, sexual or emotional, but can also involve a lack of love, care or attention. Neglect and Emotional 

Click Here for indicators of abuse and neglect that you may see in children.

If you see any of these indicators or if a child reveals information to you:

1. Remain calm and do not force the child to give information.

2. Comfort the child and thank them for sharing with you then notify your relevant Child Protection Services.

3. Remember a child may only disclose a small portion of information at a time until they see your reaction is calm and supportive.