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Parents of young children - Please read this !!

One thing that has always haunted me since visiting the Nashville State Prison and meeting with convicted paedophiles. When asked what they would do if a child said NO! when trying to abuse them. Their answer was - we would go and find another child that did not say No!….I do know in life this is not always the case - but I do know it is much harder to groom an educated child.

This one statement made me realise just how important it is to teach children from the earliest possible age (usually about 3 - 4) to say No! if someone tries to touch their private parts. I know we always think our children are with people we know and trust, but according to the NSPCC Over 90% of sexually abused children were abused by someone they know.

The My Body is My Body Programme (for children 3 - 8) will help you educate your child/children through positive fun songs and a simple message. We want to keep children as safe and as innocent as possible, so they only need to know some simple rules.

The songs in the programme are:

My Body Is My Body - To teach children that their body is their own and no-one has the right to hurt them or touch their private parts.

If It Don't Feel Right - Don't Do it - To teach children to listen to their own feelings - To talk about peer pressure - To help children with body empowerment

The What if Game - To teach children to say NO! with authority

If You've Got A Problem - To reinforce the learning of telling someone if there is a problem and if that person doesn't listen keep telling till someone does listen and helps

Love Is Gentle - To teach children that love is gentle and kind - and is all about caring, sharing and trusting

The website is

You will find testimonials, history of the programme and all the songs and objectives, including a Link to the full 17 minute programme (bottom of main web page).

I have also included “Bite Size Learning” (3 Minutes each) as an option for smaller children who may not be able to sit through a 17 minute video.

Please try the programme out - I think you will find it worthwhile.

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