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Working Together To Prevent Child Abuse

Well it has been an exciting few moths since I completed the animated version of the My Body is My Body Programme in January this year.

For those of you that don’t know about the programme - it is an animated musical child abuse prevention programme that helps people engage with children of 3 - 8 years old in a simple but positive way. The soft approach to this difficult subject empowers children to know that their body is their own and no one has the right to hurt them or touch their private parts. My aim with this programme is to keep it free to use for everyone and to translate it into any many languages as I possibly can, so we can reach as many children around the world as possible. With this in mind I asked my connections through Linkedin and had a tremendous response of help with translations and voice overs. I would like to mention a few names to say a big thank you for the precious time that people have donated to the programme. The first person to get behind the programme was Tüfail Muhammed (President Elect of ISPCAN), I started talking to him after completing the animation on the first song “My Body Is My Body”. He asked me to keep in touch with him and to let him know when the programme was completed. At this time he introduced me to the ISPCAN Organisation and members who have been extremely supportive. I was recently asked to do a webinar for their members which was a great honour, so thank you so much Tufail for your belief in what I am doing. The next person who has been a tremendous help to the programme is Elske Bijpost from Stichting GetOn in the Netherlands. This generous lady has completed the Dutch Subtitles and the full website translation into Dutch which is currently being worked on. She has also organised a singer to sing the songs in Dutch which we will start working on in August. In addition to this Elske has also found Loyiso Gura who kindly provided the Xhosa translations. She has provided the Afrikaans translations and is working on getting Zulu translations as well. Thank you so much Elske. I would like to list the translations we currently have (or are being worked on at the moment) Arabic - Majed El Bdeiwi Afrikaans - organised by Elske Bijpost Dutch - by Elske Bijpost French - organised by Tülae Dündar Hindi - Harder Straw Japanese - organised by Herold Super Persian (Farsi) - by Shima Azizi Portuguese - by Sheila Soma and Lucia Williams

Punjabi - by Harder Straw Russian - organised by Herold Super

Spanish - by Joy Manterfield (Songs) Spanish - by Astrid Gámez (Website) Swedish - by Michaela Svanberg (organised by Herold Super Swahili - (anonomous) Tamil - by Padmapriya TS Turkish - by Tülae Dündar Xhosa - by Loyiso Gura (organised by Elske Bijpost) Urdu - (anonomous) A big thank you to all of you for donating your precious time to help children around the world. I recently I met up with an old colleague of mine Herold Super, who worked at the RPM Records where I had my first recording contract. Herold has spent the past 15 years as Head Coach at the International Tennis Academy in Switzerland where he has coached over 3000 children. He has been extremely supportive of the programme and has already organised Swedish, Russian and Japanese translations. He has now very kindly offered to be an Ambassador for the programme and will work closely with me to try and get this programme fully translated with full recorded voice overs and singing in various languages around the world. Harold will also liaise with organisations to see how best to get the programme into communities around the world. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many wonderful people and would like to thank you all for your time and effort. I hope we can grow our community to include many more volunteers, who will provide different languages over the next couple of years. If you can do any translations that are not in the above list or can offer to do voice overs for the programme please contact us - we would love to hear from you. Thank you very much Chrissy Sykes CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION…….LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!!

#mybodyismybody #keepingkidssafe #preventingchildabuse #childabuseprevention #Thankyoueveryone #mybodyismybodysong

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