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  • Chrissy Sykes

Child Abuse
 What can you do to make a difference ?

1. Tell your local media about our programme and ask them to do a story about the message we are trying to share.

Data shows that 5 children die every day because of child abuse. 1 in 4 girls or 1 in 5 boys is sexually abused. Over 1 billion children worldwide experience violence annually. You can download a copy of our .pdf ABOUT THE PROGRAMME 2. Get a local spokesperson to speak up about the problem! We need to raise the public’s awareness of the devastating effects of child abuse, encourage people to become involved and support families and parents and show them that though our Free programme we can change lives. 3. Have a “Parents Evening” You can explain the programme and show how through simple positive songs parents can help protect their children and empower them against abusers.

4. Share the signs of abuse with parents, teachers, social workers and anyone that works with children, so that they know what they are looking for. 5. Share the programme on your social media profiles we can reach so many people by sharing our message. Our Social Media Sites are: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram 6. Record people singing the “My Body Is My body” song Even if it is only just the first few lines. Lets see how far we can take the song around the world…..Put your videos on our Facebook Group page. Youtube around the world 7. Find out your local Child Abuse Prevention Society’s and NGO’s so that you can call for help if there is an incident of abuse - and also so people in your community know where to get help. CREATING A SAFER WORLD FOR CHILDREN

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