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The effects of My Body is My Body program to prevent child abuse in Iran - Iran Chapter Report

This research project was conducted by Shahin Gavanji our ambassador in Iran in June 2018 with the holding classes in different cities of Iran, questionnaires were prepared and distributed to 1,368 parents participating in My Body is My Body classes. Parents attending these classes were in the range of 17-54 years old. The total number of parents, who participated in this project, were 1284 women 92.51% and 104 men 7.49%, and of the total number of participants, 52% had a Bachelor degree.

Table 1: Demographic characteristics of research units

14 questions were asked from the participants and they responded with Yes and No. More than 99.57% of parents thought it necessary to have My Body is My Body classes for children, and only 0.43 percent did not consider these classes necessary. This suggests that many parents are interested in participating in these classes. After this class, more than 98.20% of parents consider neglect to be effective in child abuse. The results of this project showed that up to 99.57% of parents had not participated in any kind of child abuse prevention class before My Body Is My Body classes. This shows that holding classes on child abuse is a very important issue in the country of Iran. An important issue showed that more than 93.37 percent of parents are not familiar with child abuse prevention methods. Also, due to the happy atmosphere in delivering important educational tips to children, the results of this project showed that more than 99.57% of parents are interested in practicing My Body is My Body with their children at home. A very interesting result of this project showed that more than 99.57% of Iranians are interested in displaying My Body is My Body program on Iranian TV channels. From all of the parents participating in these classes, only 48.70 were familiar with the concept of emotional child abuse, and 51.30% of the parents did not have a proper understanding of this type of abuse. Results showed that 100% of parents are familiar with the concept of child sexual abuse. In the next question, 99.57 percent of parents agreed with dance and music in transmitting concepts to children and were interested in implementing this program in all schools in Iran. In the next step, we asked parents to ask their children secretly about whether they liked these classes, which indicated that 99.42% of the children who participated in the program expressed their interest in it. Also, in the next question, parents were asked if they were interested in working with this program, when 99.57 percent of parents expressed their positive answer in holding these classes and said they were interested in introducing these classes to their friends and relatives. Social Media Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram

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