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Why We Should Teach Our Children To Say "NO" To Secrets

It is a known fact that child abuse flourishes in secrecy. Most people that sexually and physically abuse children have some sort of relationship with the child, with over 90% of these being either part of their family or part of a close circle of friends and caregivers.

They could also be trusted people in your community. People who you know and feel happy to leave your child with. I mean - who of us would leave our child or children with people we do not trust ! But Never assume someone is trustworthy because he or she attends church, has a good job, works with children or “seems like a really nice person”. When it comes to our children - we have to ask more questions and keep aware.

SAY NO TO SECRETS - My Body Is My Body

Pedophiles spend a lot of their time not only grooming children but grooming families as well. They need the parents and families to like them and trust them.

An abuser with groom a child by testing them with small secrets - this way they can see if that child will keep silent and at the same time using this method they form a close bond. Once they feel comfortable that the child is under their control they will progress further with the abuse, all unbeknown to the parent.

So this is why we suggest a “No Secrets Rule” in the home By using the “No Secrets Rule” rule - this takes this power away from the abuser!!

Try to get families involved with the “No Secretʼs Rule”

All too often, well meaning Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles and family members will say “Lets have some sweets or a cookie but donʼt tell Mom or Dad - it will be our little secret…it seems very harmless and innocent , but it is showing children that it is OK to keep secrets from their parents and this is not the message we want to share to keep them safe. Have a look at the Say No To Secrets Page Here you will find :

Say No To Secrets (Song 6 Tutorial)

1. The Song 2. Song Tutorial 3. Lesson Plan Find out more out our 6 songs to teach children how to keep children safe

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