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Chrissy Sykes interviews Dr Tufail Muhammad

I was honoured to be able to interview world renowned Dr. Tufail Muhammad Dr. Tufail Muhammad (MD, MCPS, DCH, DCPath) is a pediatrician by profession. Immediate Past President of ISPCAN, which is the International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse and Neglect and Global Goodwill Ambassador Dr Tufail is the Chairman of Child Rights & Abuse Committee, Pakistan Pediatric Association and Director of Regional Training Institute Peshawar.

He has postgraduate qualifications and training in Pediatrics, Clinical pathology, public health and reproductive health. Dr. Tufail Muhammad has more than 20 years experience in the field of CAN and Child protection. He has more than 30 research papers to his credit and has presented more than 60 papers at international conferences in several countries around the world. Dr. Tufail has also conducted and published a number of community based research studies in collaboration with UNICEF, Save the Children Sweden, WHO, ILO and ECPAT International.. He has also co- authored a book (Your amazing baby) on the growth and development of Pakistani infants (published by Save the Children UK). He has also authored a number of booklets on various aspects of CAN and Child labour. Dr. Tufail has twice received the Meritorious Services Award from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In this video we discuss: ISPCAN The effect the Covid 19 pandemic has had on children, The increase of child abuse during the Covid 19 pandemic SDG Goals and the effect of the pandemic on the goals Child exploitation and child marriage. The My Body is My Body Programme. My Body is My Body Programme

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