Child aged 12
Personally I have never been abused, but my younger sister was. She told my Mom after seeing your program. All I can say is you are making a difference. Thank you

Child aged 8 
I really liked the program because my Mom has tried to talk to me about it and I didn’t really like talking face to face. I like what you had to say.

Child aged 5 
I learned to keep my parts to my self. If there is someone to take you for a ride - SAY NO!!

Child aged 9 
I liked the program because if was fun and edgicacional. The program was important to me because I learned what to do if I see someone abused, or if I’ve been abused.


Child aged 6 
I loved the program. I don’t think it is nice to touch peoples private parts - I think they are all idiots


Child aged 4 
Don’t touch my stuff !!


Child aged 5 

I loved your music today and I will say NO… I promises


Child aged 7
I loved the show, it was in portent and fun and the music was great
If it don’t feel right


8 years old
I enjoyed the program. It was very notifying. I think my classmates will agree with me - it was excellent.

4 years old
That lady said don’t touch us on our privacy !

Tell our Mama and our daddy


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On My Body is My Body we offer a Free Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Our international child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

Our goal is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

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